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Apricum Media and Apricum Labs are projects by August Freytag and Steve Luxembourg.

The most current productions are "Die Befragung des Lukas Brach" with Manuel Nehr as Lukas Brach and "Slowly Circling Hawks".
The productions of the summer break were "Fort Sawene", "Apricum Takes a Summer Break", as a Apricum Labs compilation of the summer time, "Zum Spiel des Jahres", a favour to the spvgg Buggingen/Seefelden about a children soccer team on the way to the game of the year on foot, "Fontainebleau" as one of the latest music videos to the first track "Fontainebleau" by Steve Luxembourg of "The Desert", "A Missing Review", also by Apricum Labs as a summarisation of the beginning or the dawn of Apricum Media. The behind the scenes material compilations were edited and produced by August Freytag for the Labs.

Before the summer break of Apricum Media, Apricum Labs released "Autun Express", a small production music video to a demo of "Autun" by Steve Luxembourg, edited by August Freytag for the Labs.

Previously, during the first quarter of 2012, the music videos "Francis Bitter" and "Orchidtree" were released to the public, written, directed and produced by August Freytag and Steve Luxembourg for Apricum Media, featuring Rosalind Matthews and introducing Cathy Matthews during the cold times in Ireland.

The past larger movies / film / music video projects of Apricum Media were (sorted by date of release) "Broken Shells On Sandy Ground" with music by Steve Luxembourg,
"Uppertown Grace", a short film, directed by August Freytag and Steve Luxembourg, composited by August Freytag as well with music by Steve Luxembourg,
later 2012, "Farewell II" or "Farewell 2", a music video put together within two days, once again with music by Steve Luxembourg and compositing by August Freytag;
To compensate the delay of the movie project "To the sunny woods", original German title "Zu den sonnigen Wäldern", Apricum Media produced a short extract of the larger portion into a smaller "prelude". This was then called "Zu den sonnigen Wäldern: Auftakt" or in the English version "To the sunny woods: Prelude" as a pretaste.
An atmospheric project directed by August Freytag has been added to the Apricum Media repository: There I Was - A Childhood Story.
In the lead roles are Lars Richter and Manuel Nehr.
Another great new addition in a rather experimental manner, likely to be considered to Steve Luxembourg's Album "The Funeral Of My Friend The Maybug" is
"Fight With The Bank Manager Representative Who's Collecting Our Souls", a music video reminding of Kafka's "The Trial" with great lyrics, a refrain that will
stay in your head for a long time: "We put stones in front of our entry doors, waiting for Voltaire visiting the zoo. Where are the stars standing, when is the horizon gonna blow?".
Apricum Media currently is a project by Imperfection Becomes Art at Imperfection Becomes Art.
Steve Luxembourg's Smoker Lounge provides you with current music works and composings at the fields of night.com.

Many people describe the productions of August Freytag and Steve Luxembourgs as remembering of the films of Lars von Trier or David Lynch, surrealism and impressionism
plays a huge role in their sometimes dream-like artworks.